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Volunteer Auxiliary Of Springfield Police

The Mission of the Volunteer Auxiliary of Springfield Police is to support the department by providing non-enforcement services that allow sworn Officers to focus on their primary mission of Crime Prevention and Enforcement of the state and local laws.

Why become a Police Volunteer

•    Contribute to positive communications between your community and law enforcement as a team member.
•    To assist in controlling, reducing, and preventing crime in Springfield Township.
•    To meet new people in varied settings.
•    To gain valuable work experience.
•    To take pride in knowing you are part of the solution in crime reduction!  


Interested individuals are invited to complete and turn in the form on the reverse side of this brochure. You may drop-off, FAX, or mail your application to the Police Office.

Positions Available

•     Citizens Patrol
•     Administrative Support
•     Technical Services

Who are we?
The Volunteer Auxiliary of Springfield Police is a team of trained citizen volunteers who assist Police with non-enforcement duties and value added services that allow Officers to focus on crime reduction.

Members do not take enforcement action, carry weapons, or make arrests.

Police volunteers will receive training in but not limited to:

•     Orientation and Organization
•     Crime Prevention
•     CPR and First Aid
•     Introduction to Law
•     Driver Awareness
•     Traffic Control
•     Radio Communications

Volunteers also complete one ride-along with a Patrol Officer as part of the training program.

Interested individuals are invited to schedule a shift with one of our Volunteers to see if this is for you!


•     18 years of age or older
•     High School Diploma/Equivalent
•     Good moral character
•     Good driving record
•     No felony convictions
•     Current U.S. citizen
•     Pass background check
•     Have valid Drivers License


•     Good people skills
•     Wear approved uniform (provided)
•     Attend monthly meetings
•     Have at least 2 patrol members per vehicle/team
•     Volunteer at least 12 hours per month
•     Maintain a positive attitude
•     Enjoy your time
•     Present a professional appearance at all times

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