Who oversees what roads?

The township is comprised of roads that fall under the jurisdiction of three separate government entities:

  1. State - Ohio Department of Transportation maintains SR241, SR224, and a short section of Canton Road north of SR224. They can be contacted at 330-297-0801.
  2. Summit County - Summit County can be reached at 330-643-2850. All striped roads (exception: Lake Road) are maintained by the County. Engineer maintains:
    • Albrecht
    • Arlington
    • Canton Road south of SR224
    • East Waterloo
    • Killian
    • Krumroy
    • Mayfair
    • Myersville
    • Pickle
    • Pressler
    • Sanitarium
  3. Township - Springfield Township maintains all remaining dedicated streets. We can be contacted at 330-733-3213.

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1. Who oversees what roads?
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