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Gazebo Resident Rental Contract

  1. Full $100 Deposit is required to reserve rental date (Cash or Check Only Please)
    • The Bicentennial Gazebo is available to rent for any lawful activity. All reservations will be first-come, first served basis. A refundable $100.00 maintenance deposit and rental fee must made to secure the Gazebo. The maintenance deposit will be retuned in full if Gazebo and grounds immediately surrounding the Gazebo are left in its original condition. If any maintenance is required to bring the area back to its original condition a rate of $20.00 per hour (minimum of 3 hours) will be deducted from the maintenance deposit. Location of Gazebo: Across from Lakefront Center at 2491 Canfield Road. Phone number: (330)733-2556
  2. Fees
    Resident: $40 an hour(2 hour minimum) plus a deposit of $100.00. Address of renter and check address must be from a Springfield Township resident. If the Gazebo and Community Center are rented together one deposit is required.


  3. Rules for Use of Bicentennial Gazebo
    1. Deposit and rental fee is required to reserve rental date and will not be considered reserved until both amounts are paid. If the event is canceled due to any circumstance within one month of the event the deposit will be returned abd the rental fee will be forfeited. Cancellations must be made in writing (email and fax is accepted).
    2. The possession of a weapon is prohibited.
    3. Glass containers are prohibited.
    4. Fires, grills, or any cooking devices are prohibited inside the gazebo.
    5. The possession or discharge of fireworks or other projectiles are prohibited.
    6. All garbage must be disposed of in the provided containers in the park. The dumping of garbage on or near full containers is prohibited.
    7. The consumption or possession of controlled substances, illegal drugs, drug paraphernalia, or alcohol is strictly prohibited.
    8. Tampering with security cameras, light fixtures, or power outlets is prohibited.
    9. All music, noise, and sound levels must not interfere with the normal use of the park and private property.
    10. No activity may interfere with the normal use of the area outside of the gazebo.
    11. The construction of any structure is prohibited, No tents allowed.
    12. Decorations as well as ties, staples, pins, tape, etc. to secure anything to the gazebo is prohibited.
    13. The use of electrical outlets on the gazebo shall be limited to a maximum connected load of no greater than 100 amps. A fee of $25,00 will be charged to any tripped circuits due to overloads.
    14. There shall be no soliciting on park grounds. The sale of merchandise and/or food is prohibited.
    15. Gambling and gaming machines are prohibited.
    16. All parking must be in designated parking lots. No parking is permitted on lawns or on roads.
    17. Unloading of equipment from the road is limited to 15 minutes.
    18. The use of wedding favors (rice, popcorn, bird seed. etc.) is prohibited.
    19. Live flower petals are permitted outside of the Gazebo.
  4. Bicentennial Gazebo Use Permit Application
    Use of the Gazebo by non-profit, charitable or civic organizations, without fee, will be permitted upon approval of application of the director of the Community/Senior Center, together with proof of the entity status. Such use will still require a refundable deposit.
  5. Please be specific as possible so that other events may be scheduled. Be sure to include time for setup and clean up, If you go over a half-hour of your set ending time a percent of the deposit will be deducted.
  6. If the event runs over the scheduled time, the renter will forfeit the remainder of the deposit.
  7. Is the event open to the public?
  8. User agrees to abide by the Springfield Township Senior / Community Center Rules and Regulations, a copy of which has been provided to me.
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