Truancy Program

Community Youth Division (CYD’s) main function in the Truancy Program is to improve the attendance of all students missing more than an average amount of school and to work intensively with those missing excessively, so all students in Springfield Local Schools will be able to take full advantage of educational opportunities offered.

Truancy Checks / Home Visits

CYD will check on the whereabouts of students reported to school enrollment records but who are not present in any school. Home visits will be conducted to verify the status of the child’s illness and welfare. Parents will be contacted by a CYD police officer to verify the child’s status and reason for missing excessive amounts of school.

Juvenile Court Referrals

CYD will coordinate Juvenile Court Referrals for formal court action in cases of continued unexcused school absenteeism in which students and/or families appear resistant to interventions.

Conferences with Parents

As schools refer students with attendance problems, CYD will coordinate or sit in on parent conferences and follow up with student conferences at individual schools, along with home visits to provide counseling as needed. They will make families aware of resources within the community that may be helpful to their unique situations: i.e. Child Guidance, Safe Landing, etc.

Residency Verification

Upon request of the Springfield Local School District Superintendent, CYD will also conduct investigations to establish the proper and legal residence of students enrolled in the school district.