Fire Department

Springfield Engine number one with supply hose

Mission Statement

To exemplify our commitment as firefighters and emergency medial professionals by showing our continued Desire to Serve, our Ability to Perform, and our Courage to Act

Brief History of the Fire Station

It has been 64 years since the Springfield Township Fire Department moved into a “state of the art facility” from its old location at 1061 Utica Ave.  Even though the Utica station worked for years, the then-growing fire department needed to expand into a new and larger facility which was located at 2454 E. Waterloo Rd in 1969.  Then in 2003, the fire department made another transition due to continued growth and renovated the old station into its current building.   

The Fire Department no longer employs volunteers like it did in the 1970’s.  We have grown in the direction of a “combination” department where full-time firefighter-paramedics work alongside part-time firefighter paramedics to staff the department.  The Fire department currently employs 12 full-time shift firefighter-paramedics, 20 part-time firefighter-paramedics, 1 captain, 1 chief, and 2 secretaries.  These men and women work to ensure that the Fire Department is staffed 24 hours per day seven days a week. 


The Springfield Township Fire Department continues to operate “state of the art” firefighting and emergency medical apparatus and equipment.  The following is a list of our current apparatus:

3 Med Units (ambulances)

1 Fire Engine

1 Tanker 

1 Rescue Boat

1 Command Vehicle

1 Utility Truck

Springfield Engine number one