Roper Lock Box

Springfield Township Professional Firefighters Union Local 3040 is sponsoring a "Roper Lock Box" program. These boxes are designed to be attached by a bracket over an exterior door or mounted to an outside wall.  These boxes are used to secure your house key inside and can only be opened by a secure key inside our ambulance or fire apparatus.  The Master key can only be released through our dispatch center.  In the event you are sick or injured and are not able to unlock your door, your Fire Department can gain access to your home without causing damage.  

Place an Order

If interested, visit the Roper Lock Box website  or by contacting them at 330-656-5148 or 800-466-9312.

Use key code "springfield" when placing your order.


After you receive your lock box, call  us at 330-784-7210 or email the Fire Department to make arrangements for us to install your lock box and secure your house key inside.